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The term fishing applies to all operations concerned with the retrieving of equipment or other objects from the hole. Portions of the drill string, bit, drill string accessories, and inadvertently dropped hand tools are typical items which may require fishing. The most common fishing job is that recovering of a portion of the drill string left in the hole due to either its failing or becoming stuck.
The best fishing technique is elimination of the cause. Periodic equipment inspections minimize drill string failures by detecting faulty joints before they fail. The alertness of the drilling crews in detecting  crooked joints, in cleaning and lubricating tool joint threads properly, and in exercising good house keeping and safety precautions, fishing jobs do  occur frequently. Most of them are relatively simple, and the only lost is the time required to run the fishing tool and retrieve the fish. A few such jobs however, become extremely costly and time consuming and even result in the loss of the hole.

The objective of this course is to present methods of preventing and freeing stuck pipe, and also to present the philosophy and methodology of fishing. A review of common fishing tools and their uses will also be presented. The following topics are covered  : Fishing Tools Overview,   Fishing Operations, Kick-Off Plugs,   Hole Cleaning,   Causes of Deviation Problems, Differential Sticking & Fluid Spotting Technique.

  1. Introduction To Fishing
  2. Basics Of BHA Calculations
  3. Drill String Failures
  4. Pipe Recovery Systems
  5. External Catch Tools
  6. Internally Catch Tools
  7. Special Tools
  8. Wash Over Operations
  9. Jars And Jarring Operations
  10. Fishing Assemblies
  11. The Economic Of Fishing

Anyone connected to well construction such as but not limited to:
-         Operating Companies Drilling Personnel. Well designers.
-         Rig Staff ( Rig Superintendents, Tool Pusher, Tour Pushers )
-         Asst. Driller and Fishing Equipment Operator.
-         Mud Engineers.
-         Safety Engineers.

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