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Maintenance Of Pump And Compressor

Maintenance Of Pump And Compressor

Pumps and compressors are generally critical machines in any production process, and hence it is vital that maintenance is most effective for these units. This training aims to provide participans with a comprehensive understanding of how to use a combined predictive and preventive maintenance approach to achieve maximum reliability and greatest understanding of any deterioration that may occur.
The program assumes familiarity with the design and construction of pumps and compressors. From this starting point it adopts an analytical approach to understanding the failure of all types of pumps and compressors. From a component by component perspective, the program investigates the root causes of failure, and relates these to operating conditions and process parameters. Design, installation, lubrication and wear related failure mechanisms are identified and a detailed understanding of the troubleshooting and diagnostic methods needed to detect and identify these is developed.
This is an intensive 3-day course providing a comprehensive overview of pumps and compressor maintenance.  The program provides participants with the knowledge needed to be effective in the inspection, monitoring and diagnostics of pumps and compressors, with emphasis placed upon the importance of a combined condition monitoring and strip-down inspection approach to maintenance.

1.    Disassembling and assembling
2.    Cleaning, Inspection and Dimentional check
3.    Precision machining
4.    Plating and metal spraying
5.    Speciallized welding and heat treatment
6.    Non-destructive testing
7.    Dynamic balancing

Engineers, senior technicians, and system operators designing, operating, and maintaining pump and compressor systems.

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